“Stress free Endodontics”, is there such a thing?

This course would help professionals to improve their RCT skills, avoid making mistakes and helping to achieve better outcomes and increase profits.

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3rd Floor Clinical Skill Lab, Dental Institute, Whitechapel, London E1 2AD, UK

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“Stress free Endodontics”, is there such a thing?

Course summary: 

Introduction to simple and complex techniques to Root Canal Treatment for dentists, and Overseas qualified dentists intending to take registration exams.

Aim & Objectives:

· Endodontic diagnosis and determining restorability.

· Case difficulty assessment; when to treat and when to refer.

· Treatment planning, discussion with the patient and consent.

· Anaesthetic techniques.

· Applying dental dam efficiently and predictably.

· Access cavity preparation; fast and safe technique.

· Locating the orifices.

· Irrigation techniques & solutions. 

· Use of Apex locator.

· Clean & Shape the canals.

· Obturation techniques.

· Temporising the access cavity.

Leaning Outcomes:

· 1. Applying simple diagnostic tools and techniques to arrive at an accurate endodontic diagnosis.

· Evaluating case difficulty and restorability for a predictable outcome.

· To anaesthetise predictably, even a “hot tooth”.

· How to apply a Dental Dam in 60 seconds.

· How to prepare access cavities without fear of a perforation.

· How to accurately and predictably use and rely on an apex locator.

· How to clean & shape canals in an organised and systematic way.

· How to obturate and temporize effectively

Subject areas: 

Restorative Dentistry

CPD Course hours:




Dr Kian Nikdel - Endodontist


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