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  • What type of courses do you provide?
    Our aim is to provide range of different Short and Long Term courses on various topics depends on demands. You may request your required course, and we would do our best to provide it for you. For more information please see our courses page:
  • How much does a course cost?
    Provided courses are varied and their costs depends on factors such as the course’s lengths (Short or Long Term) and type (None-hands-on / Hands-on or Physical / online). For more information please visit our course request page
  • How can I become a member?
    If you want to become a member, visit our membership page and sign up using your name and email address. Our regular membership option is free. Membership page:
  • Is membership free?
    Membership is free for all professionals.
  • How can I publish my paper?
    Visit our submission page and provide the required documents. The documents should be emailed to and then we will contact you shortly. You may find the submission charges on the “UKDC PAYMENTS ARTICLES” page Submission page:
  • Where is based?
    UKDentalCourses is based in the United Kingdom. We have representatives who can assist you with your requests. Please contact us for assistance.
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