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DeStCo-Art 2022

The submission window for DeStCo-Art 2022 has now closed. All the entries submitted are now under review by our expert team. Successful entries will be announced as DeStCo-Art finalists in due course. So, keep an eye out for our big announcement!

DeStCo-Art 2022: Your favourite field of dentistry


Dental Student Competition-Art (DeStCo-Art) is coming back!


We are delighted to announce that submissions for the DeStCo-Art 2022 are open!


Entries for DeStCo-Art 2021 and 2020 came from students all over the world. Talented dental students eager to express their love of dentistry through creative artwork. As a result, it gives us great pleasure to announce that this exciting competition has begun. DeStCo-Art allows talented dental students to showcase their artwork and compete for amazing prizes such as loupes, online event vouchers, trophies, and much more!


What we are looking for:


We recently held a public poll on our social media pages, asking you to vote on one of three possible themes for this year's DeStCo-Art. We received hundreds of votes, and the most popular theme was 'Your favourite field of dentistry.'


The aim of dental school is to introduce students to all fields of dentistry and ensure that they have the most fundamental skills in each field so that they can begin practising as safe beginners. Most dental students who go through this process may find one field more interesting than the others and may even consider that field as a possible future speciality. Some people prefer Prosthodontics, while others prefer Endodontics or Periodontics. This year, we'd like to challenge all of you talented dental students to come up with the most creative way of expressing your interest in the field through art.

Criteria for DeStCo-Art 2022 entries:

Types of artworks accepted in this competition:

·     Photography

·     Paintings

·     Sketches

·     Collage

·     Digital paintings and sketches (including 3D designs)

·     Models (origami, sculptures, clay, cardboard)

·     Woodwork

·     Textile art forms (embroidery, knitting, carpet, dyeing)


All of these will be accepted as long as they are related to the topic of 'Your favourite field of dentistry.'


Art entries must be submitted as an image in jpeg or PNG format, along with the submission form, via the upload link on this page.


All works are only accepted if they are submitted through the designated submission platform and within the specified submission window of March 18th to June 30th. Any entries received after the deadline will be disqualified from consideration for this competition.


Voting and selection of winning entries:

Entries submitted via the submission link will be reviewed by the DeStCo-Art approval committee, and once the work's originality and appropriateness has been confirmed, it will be put to public vote.

Voters may cast their votes through the dedicated voting section on our DeStCo-Art page at: once the voting period begins.

Voters are not required to be dentists.

Votes cast after the voting period have been discarded and will not be considered in determining the winners.

The entries with the most votes will be announced as the top three DeStCo-Art 2022 contestants and will receive their prizes in due course. 


DeStCo-Art Prizes:


First place:

A pair of dental loupes provided by our partners UKLoupes

hundred hours free online CPD courses from UKDentalCourses

Posturedontics book

First place certificate

First place medal


Second place:

Suture practice kit

Fifty hours free online CPD courses from UKDentalCourses

Posturedontics book

Second place certificate

Second place medal.


Third place:

Suture practice kit

Twenty five hours free online CPD courses from UKDentalCourses

Posturedontics book

Third place certificate

Third place medal

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