DeStCo - Dental Students Competition

Initially planned to start as an in-person multi discipline event for dental students where they could compete in fields such as music, sports and performance arts starting in Autumn 2020, DeStCo had to be postponed when the COVID-19 pandemic began. As the pandemic situation limited social activities the event could not start as planned.

However, the UKDentalCourses team soon came up with an alternative approach to start this competition and DeStCo was revived. In July 2020 DeStCo-Art was launched, a competition where art-loving dental students could compete on an international level and share their artwork with like-minded dental students and other dental professionals to win their votes for a chance to get their hands on great prizes (More information).

With DeStCo-Art running successfully for two consecutive years, more dental students showing interest in this competition and the restrictions on social activities finally easing, it seems about time for other fields to be added to DeStCo restoring its original grandeur!

Therefore, our team is currently in the process of discussing the possible additional fields for DeStCo and as soon as any decision are made about which fields will be added, it will be announced here and on our social media platforms. So, watch this space!

For any questions and/or queries do not hesitate to contact us:

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