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DeStCo (Dental Student Competition) was initially set to begin in Autumn 2020 as an in-person multi-discipline event for dental students in which they could compete in fields such as music, sports, and performance arts, but it had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The event could not begin as planned due to the pandemic's restrictions on social activities.

UKDentalCourses quickly devised a new strategy for launching this competition, and DeStCo was resurrected. DeStCo-Art, a competition where art-loving dental students could compete on an international level and share their artwork with like-minded dental students and other dental professionals to win their votes for a chance to win great prizes, was launched in July 2020.

DeStCo-Art 2023 concluded with a great in-person finals event with live music, drinks, and snacks at Queen Mary University of London where the winners were announced.

With DeStCo-Art running successfully for three years in a row, more dental students are showing interest in this competition and DeStCo-Art will be returning in 2024 with a view to add other fields to this competition in the near future.

For updates on this competition, follow our social media pages and keep an eye on the website.

Please contact us at  if you have any questions or concerns.

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