DeStCo - Dental Students Competition

Dear Dental Student,


We are happy to inform you that UKDentalCourses is organising an international event called DeStCo (Dental Students Competitions). Taking part in competitions provides opportunities for students to develop their skills and gain unique experience whilst expanding their network.


Dental Students from different Dental Institutes and Universities are going to compete on subjects such as Music, Comedy and Fitness. The event was planned to launch during Autumn 2020 in London at Queen Mary University, but due to COVID-19 this will be subject to the government announcements.


DeStCo competitions are ways for undergraduate dental students to compete against each other by performing in front of a panel of judges and audience. These judges will then provide feedback on the performance and often decide whether the act or result goes through to the next round. The audience can also have an input in some acts going through which can play an important role in final decisions.


Each team would represent a dental School, Collage, Institute or University. We may be able to host 20 teams for each activity. If the number of requests pass the capacity, then we may need to prepare pre-competitions for candidates. Having said that, those apply first would have some advantages for guarantee their place.


Areas of activities:

  1. Music

The candidates can enrol as individuals or as a team. The minimum number of people on a music team is 2 and maximum is 5.

  1. Comedy

This is a teamwork with minimum number of 3 people, and the capacity can be raised up to 10 people. The comedy acts must be performed in English.

  1. Fitness

This is also a teamwork competition. The number of people in each team is 8.


There are few more competitions such as drawing, that can be added to the competitions due to course.




  1. Registration would be online after having an approval from your organisation and UKDentalCourses




  1. The registration fee for a team is £380.

  2. Participants fee is £20 per person

  3. Couches, trainers or any other supportive person would be £20 as well.



  1. DeStCo Medals: A DeStCo medal will be awarded to successful competitors at one of the DeStCo competitions. There are three classes of medals for the top first, second and third places.

  2. DeStCo Trophy: DeStCo Trophy will be awarded to the winning team of the year. DeStCo Trophy would stay with the winner until the following event. A team, which twice consequently wins the DeStCo Trophy, will be able to keep it indefinitely.

For more information please contact


Looking forward to hearing from you

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Results 2020

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