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Welcome to the UKDentalCourses Events Page!

At UKDentalCourses, we're excited to bring you a diverse range of events designed to enrich the dental community:

Upcoming Conferences:

Discover our line-up of upcoming conferences that gather dental experts and enthusiasts alike. These events serve as a platform for sharing insights, research, and fostering meaningful connections within the dental field.

Upcoming Competitions:

Step into the world of friendly competition with our two signature contests:

DeStCo (Dental Student Competition): Calling all dental students! DeStCo offers an arena to showcase your creativity and skills. Tackle real-world dental challenges and stand a chance to be recognized for your innovative solutions.

DeWoCo (Dental World Competition): For seasoned dental professionals, DeWoCo is the ultimate test of your expertise. Compete alongside global peers, pushing the boundaries of your knowledge and demonstrating your mastery of various dental disciplines.

For further details about these events and to access comprehensive information, including dates, schedules, and registration details, simply click on the links provided.


Our goal is to provide you with opportunities to expand your dental horizons, whether through immersive courses, enlightening conferences, or engaging competitions.

Join us as we continue to elevate dental education and collaboration. Should you have any inquiries or require additional information, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at [Contact Information].

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