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Life support training


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Life support training (CPR) and medical emergencies verifiable CPD Course for dental professionals, Hands-On

This is a practical training course about the life support for dental professionals mainly for Dentists and their teams.

These courses are provided in your place and or you can join us at our place.


The cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training for dental teams is recommended by Resuscitation Council (UK).


Each member of dental team has an obligation to provide resuscitation skills in the event of a cardiorespiratory arrest, and dental care providers (Surgeries) has to be ensured that their staff are trained and updated regularly to a level of proficiency appropriate to each individual’s expected role.


In this course we provide required Quality Standards and supporting information for the aspects of cardiopulmonary resuscitation practice and training dentists and their teams.


Aims & Objectives

The core standards for this course is applying in all settings to ensure that:

The deteriorating patient is recognised early and there is an effective system to summon help in order to prevent cardiorespiratory arrest.

Cardiorespiratory arrest is recognised early and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is started immediately.

Emergency assistance is summoned immediately, as soon as cardiorespiratory arrest is recognised, if help has not been summoned already.

Defibrillation, if appropriate, is attempted within 3 minutes of identifying cardiorespiratory arrest.

Appropriate post-cardiorespiratory-arrest care is received by those who are resuscitated successfully. This includes safe transfer.

Implementation of standards is measured continually, and processes are in place to deal with any problems identified.

Staff receive at least annual training and updates in CPR, based on their expected roles.

Staff understand decisions relating to CPR.

Appropriate equipment is available for resuscitation.

According to GDC “Dental practitioners and other dental healthcare staff should update their knowledge and skills in resuscitation at least annually.”


Learning outcome:

The role of the first aider,

Priorities of treatment

Health and safety rules and regulations,

Risk assessments,

First aid for injuries, illness and shocks,

The recovery position,

CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation),

Revision on emergency drugs commonly occurring dental emergencies and devices,

First aid for special circumstances,

Assessing an incident,

Gaining confidence when actions required by having practical scenarios such as choking, panic attacks and anaphylactic shock,

Communication with the team and patients, and casualty care,

Be able to use the ABCDE approach to assess and treat an acutely ill patient,

Know which emergency drugs are available and are required to treat different medical emergencies,

Recognise the signs and symptoms of different medical emergencies,

Understand how to treat/manage common medical emergencies,

Apply and perform CPR when and where is required.



At your practice.

At our place.

Role Intended:

Suited to all members of the dental team and dental students

CPD Course hours:

5.5 hours

Development outcomes

B and C.


Pre study is not required


Booking / Enquiry:

If you wish to simply book your life support training (CPR) and medical emergencies verifiable CPD Course course at your place or have any other inquiries regarding this CPD course, please contact our CPD team on 01737 773434 [Ext 4] or email

If you wish to book your CPR at our place, please use one of below agreed courses and get your ticket as soon as possible as places are limited. 

  • Life support training (CPR) and medical Emergencies
    10 Jun, 10:00 – 15:30
    Graduate Centre Room GC201, Mile End Rd, Bethnal Green, London E1 4NS, UK
    Life support training (CPR) and medical emergencies verifiable CPD Course for dental professionals, Hands-On
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