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Here are SOME gathered the testimonies on the conferences, events, courses and  products provided by UKDentalCourse

I have been privileged to be a member of UKDC and be able to participate in various courses. Dr.Nankali’s background in engineering and med+dental qualifications with personal energetic character has made him who he is today: A very experienced and excellent Lecturer with broad knowledge in science and dentistry. His courses have been sensational in form and contents with enormous popularity. I am looking forward to attending future events organised by UKDC.

(Dr Mostafa Azodi - July 2020)

It was an excellent Conference. Ali’s boundless energy and enthusiasm were visible for all to see. There was a great line up of speakers and we learned much. Thank you.Ali uses his innovative skills in his teaching so that the learners are never bored. A joy and a pleasure to work with. Keep up the good work, Ali! 

(Prof. DYD Samarawickrama - Emeritus Professor – June 2020)

Working at the Digital Dentistry conference with a great experience! I learnt a bit about advances in dental technology that aren't taught on my undergraduate course through conversations with attendees and sitting in on a few of the talks. I'm looking forward to hopefully working with Dr Nankali again in the future.

(Zaynah Irma Fariduddin – June 2020)

Privileged to attend the Digital Dentistry conference in its first run just before lockdown to memorise that outstanding event during this challenging time. Excellent and engaging speakers from NHS, QMUL in addition to my favourite talks from MODJAW and Planmeca. Looking forward to continue attending this conference in the future.

(Dr Minan AlEzzi - May 2020

I have had the great opportunity and privilege to attend few courses established by UKDC. They all have been extremely educational and excellently prepared. Dr Nankali’s reputation proceeds him and both him and his hard work are irreplaceable assets to British and Iranian Dental societies. I hope that he and UKDC will carry on their brilliant and cost effective work for many more years to come.

(Dr Mehran Mazaheri – May 2020)

“Tomorrow’s world today” is a much-used phrase. However, those who were brave enough to put aside the risks of contracting COVID-19 to attend this conference were introduced to a world of advanced dental technologies driven in part by computers and associated software and hardware. Innovation is the other core driver.

Digital Dentistry is not without its challenges and this conference covered many issues. For example, digital imaging with its capabilities for more detailed information and communication of this data has changed the legal landscape, including issues such as the meaning of the standard of care. Legal aspects of digital dentistry opened one’s eyes to such issues.

Then there is the issue of so many different platforms in use currently for communicating and sharing information. In the same way we would welcome a common standard for mobile phone charging devises, one would welcome a common standard to enhance digital interoperability. This issue was also highlighted during the conference.

 Scanned impressions are one thing but how accurate are they? Obviously, some oral scanners are more accurate than others. In any case, clinicians need to be aware of how to improve accuracy of their digital impressions and the resulting restorations produced using CAD/CAM technology.

We also heard how clinical procedures such as recording the occlusion can benefit from digital technology. The use of 3D printing for restorative dentistry was another area addressed. In fact, new technology is affecting many disciplines from the diagnosis of oral disease to endodontology.

For managers of dental care delivery, there are now available dental chairs that can provide data on chair usage, instrument usage and much else. It may sound like “Big brother” watching you but planners of care are likely to be very pleased with the data that can be generated.

Digital dentistry is no longer something that is confined to the occasional practice with an intra oral sensor and a digital radiograph in place of wet films and intra oral scanners producing scanned images in place of silicone impressions. There is much more to digital dentistry than meets the eye. However, the full potential of digital dentistry, especially the associated technologies, is yet to be explored. This conference showed the way forward.

For someone who was supervising research into scanning teeth in the 1990’s, this conference showed how far the technology has developed since then. Dr. Ali Nankali and the UKDentalCourses should be congratulated for organising and hosting this conference.

(Prof. DYD Samarawickrama - Emeritus Professor – March2020)

Dear UKDentalCourses Team, thank you for providing so many courses for us as dental student and also to young dentist. I'm currently studying in University Prima Indonesia (Medan city - Indonesia) as the 5th year student. Best regards,

(Jerry - July 2020)

I have worked very closely with Dr Nankali to organise the digital dentistry conference. It was an amazing experience and but also an educational one too! Being the volunteer lead at the conference, I learnt skills related to organisation, management and hosting a large event. I also learnt a lot about digital dentistry through discussions with the guests and attendees on the day. I am grateful to have been part of this experience and look forward to working with UK Dental Courses in the future.

(Merouane Ait-Hocine – June 2020)

Excellent, scientific Conference that has promoted learning! I am honoured being asked to be part of it and share with other professionals’ knowledge and experience we gained through our research at the QMUL for Digital Dentistry and its application in Endodontics. Congratulations to Dr Ali Nankali for his amazing work.

(Dr George Billis – May 2020)

An excellent avenue to explore a wide and diverse variety of courses pertaining to Dentistry. Detailed content, great value for money with experienced and specialist speakers. I have attended 2 courses at the UKDC so far, both have been amazing.

(Dr Raha Hajilou - May 2020)

I am very impressed with Dr Nankali’s enthusiasm and his endless energy to Bering innovation to the dental profession. He also has such a personal touch to details. His engineering background has brought in a new insight to the digital application to dentistry. It is a joy to work with as a colleague in Queen Mary University of London.

(Prof Ferranti Wong – May 2020)

As a second-year dental student I have had the privilege of learning from Dr. Nankali and benefit from his invaluable experiences. The digital dentistry course was a great opportunity to broaden my horizons and talk to and learn from many experts in a field which will play a major role in the future of dentistry. I am looking forward to future events.

(Parsa Aghamohammadi – May 2020)

UKDC is a dynamic approach to learning. Dr Nankali’s thirst to share knowledge with professional colleagues is his passion. His energy and enthusiasm is contagious. I am privileged to be a colleague of this inspirational man.

(Ms Bal Chana – May 2020)

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