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DeWoCo (Dental World Competition) is a way to show how people feel about dentistry. Initially planned off the successful DeStCo (Dental Students Competition) in order to include broader groups to dental world.

Everybody can participate

The first competition was named DeWoCo-moments 2020-2021. Interestingly 2 winners out of 3 winners were identified as dental students.


Our aim is to introduce this competition more in a way to attract a broader group and help Health care promotion and the main objectives are:

  • We want people to record short videos of what people think and feel about dentistry. The general public is interested in learning about the dental industry during the pandemic. It would be wonderful to hear from people and see what we can do to assist them in making their community a better place to live. This could also be someone working in the National Health Service, who has lost a loved one during the pandemic.

  • We'd also like to see people record short videos about what students think and feel about dentistry. Last year, students at universities around the world were heavily influenced by their education; this will allow one to understand what one thinks and feels.

  • Covid has disrupted the world, but it has also influenced how dentists are treated. There are numerous news articles about dentistry on the internet; however, this does not determine how dentists feel and think about the future of dentistry, particularly as it moves toward digitalization.

  • Not only dentists, what about dental assistants? Dental hygienists? Dental laboratory technicians, companies, suppliers?

  • In this way we are covering the whole dentistry field, not specifically students and dentists.

  • As our aim is to see what others perceive about dentistry, let us be a bit more broader, what this will do is attract more people, we want to engage as much as people. We want people to talk about us like, 'DeWoCo simply understands us, they know how we feel, they are in our interest.

Through DeWeCo, we can pool people's thoughts, ideas, and creativity in order to improve people's perceptions of dentistry. Bringing everyone together from all over the world through this platform will allow everyone to collaborate. 

This competition offers you a plethora of opportunities, including a platform to showcase your talent and a stepping stone to greater things in life. They represent novel but effective methods of exposing students to real-world issues.

From DeWeCo you can:

  • Enhances teamwork and collaboration

  • Enhances Social and Emotional Learning

  • Developing academic champion

  • Growing intrinsic motivation

  • Strengthening Academic Self-Concept

Our DeWeCo team consists of dental professionals that aim to assist you in better understanding one another.

We are sure that a greater participation would be expected this year as the COVID-19 pandemic is nearly over in various places across the world and the United Kingdom. NHS (National Health System) is known to be people's people, let us be the people's people in dentistry.

For any questions and/or queries do not hesitate to contact us:

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