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Autumn offer is an offer for starting a new academic year. 

It is good to see many people use provided offers.

A new coupon for all new attendees is released that provides %15 off on your ticket purchases if you purchase more than £20. 
To use this offer, when you purchase a ticket, write May31 on the coupon box to get your %15 off.

Offer is valid till 31st May 2021.

Member would have a benefit of using this offer in addition to their provided offers, when they purchase a ticket.

For any question, please email our marketing sector.


Lucky members!

From September 2020 we withdraw 7 names from our members for having special offers.

That person can be you so why not to be a member?

For the results please look out our Lottery Winners Page!

For more information you may contact:

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UKDC Representatives  Offers

UKDC Representatives provide special offers for their regions.

You should contact them directly to get your benefits.

Click here to find your representative.

Should you have any further question please email our marketing sector.