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We provide offers to our members to assist our service users, which you may find here. 
We are glad to see experts take use of the available options. 

Today's Offers

For all attendees, a new coupon named "Spring2022" has been issued, which provides a 10% discount when purchasing a ticket for any online courses or events.

Coupon Name: Spring2022
Validation: This coupon is valid till 31st March 2022.
Limitation: There are no limitations for this coupon.
How to use a coupon: Select a course or event> Click on more information> select the correct ticket> select the number of ticket that you want to purchase> Checkout> Add your details and required information on the provided boxes (Provided information on boxes highlighted with starts are required)> On the same page there is a box a written “Enter your coupon” where you should write the coupon on this box> then click on continue. You would see new total price would be appear on your page considering the provided offer.  

When a member purchases a ticket, they will have the option of using this deal in addition to their other offers. 
Please contact our marketing department at if you have any questions.

We have withdrawn names from our members' lists. 

Any of our members could be that person. 
The winners will be notified instantly of the results! 
You can reach out to for additional information.

Lucky Members
UKDC-World Representatives Members

Special deals are provided by UKDC-World Representatives for their respective regions. 
To receive your benefits, you should contact them directly. 

If you have any additional questions, please contact our marketing department at

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