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Denvent Club



We are a club designed with the dental team in mind.  Hosting different events throughout the year for you and your colleagues to attend. Our event are varies and so are our locations.  

Our aim for this club is to create social events for different dental teams in their local area and surroundings to get together and create new connections. Networking in environments outside the office, to share their passion with other professionals in your field. 

Our team will be working very hard to ensure each event is well organised. All you have to do is show up, have fun and network with others in dental community. 

Who can join the club

Our club is available for the whole of the dental team. 

How much does it cost

Joining club would cost £13.99 per months.

What would I get if I join club

The club members can join the events 4 times per year.

Most of them free depends on the location and events and

some may required additional payment.

Members would also have benefit of attending many core CPDs free.


*Please note, by signing up or registering to any of our courses or events, you automatically agree to our Terms and Conditions.

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