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DeStCo-Art 2021

The outcome of a long journey, and the starting point for the next one!


DeStCo-Art 2021 is now over, and what a competition! This was only the competition's second year, and we received just under 6000 votes! Our ten finalists all submitted outstanding work. The competition was fierce, and all finalists received significantly more votes than last year.


We would like to congratulate the first three winners of our competition on reaching this stage on a global platform, which is no easy task, and we wish them well with their well-deserved prizes.


DeStCo-Art is on its way to becoming a larger and more exciting competition, and we may soon be able to add other components to the Dental Student Competitions (DeStCo). As a result, we would like to encourage all of you talented dental students out there to keep an eye on this space and our social media platforms, as DeStCo-Art 2022 is just around the corner. Artists, prepare your pellets; photographers, focus your cameras; and sculptors, get your clay on the wheel; the countdown has begun!


1st Place.jpeg
2nd place.jpeg
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