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DeStCo-Art 2024

Get Ready for DeStCo-Art 2024!

The excitement is building as DeStCo-Art (Dental Student Competition-Art) returns for another thrilling season! Dental students worldwide, get ready to unleash your artistic talents and share your love for dentistry through creative expression. With fantastic prizes up for grabs, including loupes, online event vouchers, trophies, and more, this competition promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Theme for DeStCo-Art 2024:

"creating artwork inspired by personal dental experience or memory"

This year, we invite you to delve into your personal dental journey and translate your experiences into captivating artworks. Whether it's a cherished memory from your clinical practice or a reflection on the transformative power of dentistry in your life, let your creativity soar as you bring your unique perspective to life on canvas, screen, or any medium of your choice.

Key Dates:

  • Deadline to Apply: October 27th, 2024 (Midnight)


Submission Guidelines:

We welcome a diverse range of artistic mediums, including but not limited to:

  • Photography

  • Paintings

  • Sketches

  • Collage

  • Digital paintings and sketches (including 3D designs)

  • Models (origami, sculptures, clay, cardboard)

  • Woodwork

  • Textile art forms (embroidery, knitting, rug making, dyeing)

Submit your artwork as a high-resolution image in JPEG or PNG format, along with the submission form, via the designated upload link on our website.

Selection Process:

  • All submissions will undergo review by the DeStCo-Art approval committee, comprising our team, esteemed artists, and sponsors.

  • Finalists will be determined by the committee and presented for public voting.

  • Voting will take place through the dedicated voting section on our DeStCo-Art page.

  • Voters need not be dentists; anyone passionate about art is welcome to participate.

  • Only votes cast within the designated voting period will be considered.



  • First Place:

    • A pair of Galilean Flip-Up loupes provided or £500 towards your new pair of loupes provided by our partners  UKLoupes

    • Hundred hours of free online CPD courses from UKDentalCourses

    • Posturedontics book

    • First place certificate and medal

  • Second Place:

    • Suture practice kit

    • Fifty hours of free online CPD courses from UKDentalCourses

    • Posturedontics book

    • Second place certificate and medal

  • Third Place:

    • Suture practice kit

    • Twenty-five hours of free online CPD courses from UKDentalCourses

    • Posturedontics book

    • Third place certificate and medal


Best of Luck!

As you embark on this artistic journey, we wish you the best of luck in DeStCo-Art 2024! Let your creativity flow and your memories shine through your artwork. Join us in celebrating the beauty of dental experiences and the transformative power of art. Here's to another remarkable year of creativity and inspiration!

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Vote on time for the arts that you want to support them.

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