Professional Showcase

Parsa Aghamohammadi

Fourth-year undergraduate dental student

Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University

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Mr Parsa Aghamohammadi

I am currently a fourth-year undergraduate dental student at Queen Mary university of London (Barts and the London school of dentistry). Having moved to the UK in 2015 I completed most of my education in my home country Iran and entered Herschel Grammar School in the UK to study my A levels which allowed me to enter BDS degree programme.

During my time at Barts and the London since 2018, I have had the privilege to learn the profession from some of the best clinical and academic lecturers of dentistry in the world and this is an opportunity that I value deeply every day. In addition to the academic side of my student experience, I have always tried to engage in opportunities that will help to develop my character, interpersonal skills and my role as a useful member of the society, such as, being part of SAMDA to help sixth form students get into medicine and dentistry, being part of the editorial team of the Dental Mirror (termly magazine at Barts and the London) and entering various courses about global oral health.


In May 2020 I was given the privilege of working with UKDentalCourses and with one my favourite tutors and role models Dr Nankali. And to this day I am proud to be part of this team.  

During my time at UKDentalCourses I have been working with Dr Nankali and some of the International Representatives at UKDC to run Dental Student Competitions-Art (DeStCo-Art) which has now been running for two consecutive years. This experience has taught me a wide range of skills in leadership, group work and even social psychology. I hope to continue my work with UKDentalCourses in the future and work with the team on novel and innovative ideas to expand the UKDC community and bring the dental world closer together.

My core belief in life is that there is always more to learn and that forms the basis of my interest in pursuing a career in dentistry. During my free time I enjoy engaging in soul enriching activities such as playing the piano, exercising, meditation and educating myself in spiritual awareness through the teachings of the great masters in this field.

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