Professional Showcase

Ms Hannah Slater-Patterson

University of Leeds

Dental School

United Kingdom

Ms Hannah Slater-Patterson

DeStCo-Art 2020 Winner

First place

Hannah Slater-Patterson


I absolutely love creating artwork! Being an artist is something that is very much part of me and has been incredibly useful during my BDS studies at The University at the University of Leeds.


I have painted since I was a young child where I would prefer to play with paints rather than toys. I am grateful that my mum noticed my enthusiasm and took me to the children’s art class in the local village on Sundays which I attended every week for many years ran by Margaret Bodley Edwards.

At the age of 7 school, I won an art competition for a Sculpture design which is still in place. Later on in high school was commissioned to paint a local piece of artwork for the town centre which was on display for 10 years. I undertook my art studies to GSCE and A-level where I was grateful to be able to develop many various styles through different projects.


I am also a passionate violinist and I decided to follow my enthusiasm and studies at Kings College in London however being a country mouse this didn’t quite go to plan. Taking time out I decided that I wanted to study Dentistry and went to college to take the correct A levels for entry to Dentistry. From there I was committed to following the dental career path but my art always came with me.

Hannah at 15 painting Morpeth’s Sanderson Arcade artwork

About my art


Growing up in rural Northumberland, I have always taken inspiration form the countryside and the natural world around me. I love painting outside on a lovely day and getting out when I can. I don’t like to feel restricted in my art and will always want to try out new styles or materials, however, being on a student budget has meant I have had to adapt so at the moment I stick to oils, watercolours and acrylics. I do hope to expand later on, though. When I have inspiration to paint it is like a trapped energy that I need to let out, this is something I have learnt to balance on the BDS course but have found it a wonderful way to destress. I feel I could continue painting a piece forever sometimes but I force myself to stop so my pieces don’t become too overworked. Doing this I always see parts that are not finished to me.

Lockdown has given me a chance to get back into my painting where I have taken the dive into using social media to showcase my art. I have recently taken inspiration from Rachel Jackson who creates dental artwork and looks at the links between art and dentistry and how the two intertwine. I believe learning through art can be something that could be used within dental teaching. I recently set up a small virtual art club at the University of Leeds and delivered a couple of online tutorials during lockdown as a way to keep connected. I hope for this to continue and develop throughout my final year.

About the piece “Behind the Smile”

I considered how there are so many different disciplines that come into creating a smile in dentistry. I found it hard to pick one so decided to try and incorporate them into one piece.  Visiting Heaton Coopers Studio in the Lake District the weekend before I painted this piece gave me the inspiration of creating an art gallery of sperate paintings and I decided to create a montage similar to the style I developed at A level. I have also incorporated the Slate Lakeland stonework that is common around Grasmere and I particularly admire. I hope it shows a numbers of stories of creating smiles for many individuals that occur everyday round the world in dentistry.

I am delighted to have won the Art DeStCo- Art competition!


@hsp.artworks (Instagram)

Art during Lockdown

The root canal in Oil Pastel