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Life support training (CPR) and medical Emergencies - Hybrid course

Life support training (CPR) and medical emergencies verifiable CPD Course for dental professionals, Hands-On

Life support training (CPR) and medical Emergencies - Hybrid course
Life support training (CPR) and medical Emergencies - Hybrid course

Time & Location

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Birmingham, UK

About the Event

Course Summary:

Join us for a practical training course in life support tailored for dental professionals, including dentists and their teams. This can be provided at your location or you can join us at ours. Recommended by the Resuscitation Council (UK), our cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training ensures that every dental team member is proficiently equipped with essential resuscitation skills. Dental care providers must ensure their staff are trained and consistently updated to maintain a level of proficiency appropriate for their roles. In this course, we provide the requisite Quality Standards and vital information regarding CPR practice and training for dentists and their teams.

Note: This is a hybrid course. The theoretical component is conducted online at your convenience within 3 weeks prior to attending the practical course.

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Aims & Objectives

This course adheres to core standards to ensure the following:

Early recognition of the deteriorating patient and an effective system to summon help.

Immediate initiation of CPR upon recognizing cardiorespiratory arrest.

Immediate summoning of emergency assistance upon identifying cardiorespiratory arrest.

Attempt defibrillation within 3 minutes of recognizing cardiorespiratory arrest, if appropriate.

Provision of appropriate post-cardiorespiratory-arrest care, including safe transfer.

Continuous measurement of standard implementation, addressing any identified issues.

At least annual staff training and updates in CPR, tailored to expected roles.

Staff comprehension of CPR-related decisions.

Availability of appropriate resuscitation equipment.

The GDC states: “Dental practitioners and other dental healthcare staff should update their knowledge and skills in resuscitation at least annually.”

Learning outcome:

Participants will understand:

The role of the first aider and priorities of treatment.

Health and safety regulations and risk assessments.

First aid for injuries, illnesses, and shocks.

The recovery position and CPR procedures.

Revisions on emergency drugs, commonly occurring dental emergencies, and devices.

First aid for special circumstances.

Incident assessment.

Gaining confidence through practical scenarios, e.g., choking and panic attacks.

Team and patient communication, and casualty care.

The ABCDE approach to assess and treat an acutely ill patient.

Available emergency drugs for different medical emergencies.

Signs and symptoms of various medical emergencies.

Treatment/management of common medical emergencies.

CPR application and performance as required.

Role Intended:

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CPD Course hours:

5.5 hours


Please select the correct ticket.

Tickets are non-refundable!

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Development outcomes

B and C.


Pre study is not required.


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