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Safeguarding Level 2, Child & Adult 2

Automatic course. Candidates can enrol at any time. After reviewing the content and successfully passing the test, they will immediately receive the certificate. 1.5Points verified CPD certificate.

Safeguarding Level 2, Child & Adult 2
Safeguarding Level 2, Child & Adult 2

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About the Event

Safeguarding level 2

Combined Safeguarding Awareness (Levels 1 & 2)

Immerse in our intensive Level 2 Safeguarding Training, thoughtfully designed to empower you with advanced skills in safeguarding both adults and children. Engaging video lessons and stringent testing (requiring an 80% pass rate) ensure a robust understanding of critical safeguarding legislation and abuse identification. Ideal for roles like carers, teachers, and managers, successful completion awards you with a 1.5h CPD certificate, showcasing your enhanced knowledge and commitment to protecting the vulnerable in society.

Provided by CoHubCentre (The UKDC-World partner centre).


Protecting the Vulnerable: Ensure a safe environment that shields individuals from all forms of abuse and harm.

Promoting Welfare: Uphold and enhance the physical and mental wellbeing of individuals under care.

Prevention of Harm: Implement proactive strategies to prevent potential risks and abuses.

Ensuring Safe Environments: Cultivate environments where safety, respect, and dignity are paramount.


Recognize and Respond: Identify the varying forms and indicators of abuse and comprehend the appropriate response mechanisms.

Legal and Ethical Awareness: Gain insight into the legal and ethical frameworks that guide safeguarding practices.

Risk Assessment: Understand the methodologies to assess and mitigate potential risks to vulnerable individuals.

Inter-Agency Collaboration: Develop knowledge about the roles, responsibilities, and collaborative efforts of multi-agency teams in safeguarding.

Referral and Reporting Protocols: Understand when and how to make safeguarding referrals, ensuring efficient and effective communication with relevant agencies.

Prevention and Early Intervention: Grasp the essence of early help and proactive safeguarding to prevent harm before it escalates.

Effective Documentation: Learn the strategies for precise and secure documentation of concerns and actions taken.

Advocacy and Support: Understand how to champion the rights of individuals and provide support during and post-intervention.

Communication Skills: Enhance skills to communicate empathetically and effectively with those who may be experiencing abuse.

Promoting a Safe Environment: Learn how to foster an environment that is not only safe but also empowering for individuals under care.

Learning Outcomes

Deep Dive into Safeguarding

Inter-Agency Collaboration Insight

Handling Complexities in Safeguarding

Refining Communication and Alertness

Type of Course:

Automatic course. Candidates can enrol at any time. After reviewing the content and successfully passing the test, they will immediately receive the certificate. 0.6p verified CPD certificate.

Role Intended:


Dental Therapists

Dental Technicians

Clinical Dental Technicians

Dental Nurses

Dental Students

Dental Receptionists


Please collect your ticket here: CoHubCentre - Safeguarding Level 1&2 Child & Adult

Valid for 3 weeks

Tickets are non-refundable and please select them correctly!

CPD Hours:


Subject areas:

A (Raising concerns), B (Effective management) and D (Behaviours and attitudes).

Pre-course material:

No pre-course reading material is required.


Should you have any enquiry regarding this course please contact:

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